Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Night Walker


AT LAST!!! Greyson is walking!!! 17 months later and he is walking. The furthest we could get with him was having him walk from me to the couch. Walking in between people was not something he liked to do. Then, this past Sunday we went over to our friends house and I brought some fudge. My friend was determined to see if we could get him to walk in between two people. We pulled out the fudge and started enticing him to walk in between us. It worked. So the next day I was pretty excited to start working with him. However he glared at me and did nothing. That night, all of a sudden, under his terms he just took off. To my amazement he was walking from room to room. No one was at the other end of his path. So the next day I try to get him to walk around again and he looks at me like I'm crazy and stands there and then very purposefully falls and starts crawling. Then that night before we went to bed he starts walking around again. Either this kid finds comfort in the night or he loves driving mommy crazy.

So as you can tell from this, I'm in trouble. This child has managed to find that stubborn streak early. On his terms and conditions will he make milestones. I'm just worried about what his demands will be for talking.

He is our night walker. Not to be confused with a man of the night, if there ever was one. Or that crazy mutant from x men.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So over the last 12 months since I decided that I would make it a goal to document my cute little family's endeavors....I decided to grade myself. I give myself a B+ haha, just kidding a big old D+. Hello what was I doing the whole rest of the year from July on? Well fortunately a lot. I have 4 new entries updating you on all of us!



Our sweet little handsome blue-eyed chunky monkey is in the thick of everything!! And can I just say it feels so good to say that. Passing his birthday year mark and his “failure to thrive” year mark. My sweet baby boy is as jolly as they come. But with one trial overcome, of course there is another to conquer. At 12 months he wasn’t crawling, he couldn’t even get up on his hands and knees. But he was scooting on his bum to get around. This kid could probably do the hula better than any of those dancers at a Luau. I’ve never seen anything like it. Our Pediatrician decided he needed physical therapy. Worries rushed through me again. He was tested in every area and only needed assistance in gross motor. I can handle that. So physical therapy started in October and it has been amazing the progress this little boy has made. He was crawling up on his hands and knees within a week. Pulling himself up appeared to be an impossible task at the time but he was doing that within in a month. This little boy has really worked hard over the last two months and for Christmas, Brian and I bought him his own weight set  Just kidding. So currently he is on the brink of walking. He is taking 3 to 4 steps now. Its only a matter a time!! I’m so grateful for every new thing he can do. NOTHING is taken for granted with this one. Hey not all babies can scoot backwards on their bum while holding on to one foot in their air with one hand.  It really is a site!


For those concerned about our parenting skills and this picture. This is a TOY GUN. One of Brian's dad's old toys!! Key word here TOY!!!

I love this stage right now. His little personality is totally coming out. Not to mention nursery next month. And not a minute sooner!!!! I think that Greyson is trying to swoon all the little girls that are his age with his wonderful crooning skills during church. He is one of two boys born amongst a flower garden of girls that year. Well at least we know his mac daddy skills are strong 



What can be said about this little man. This shy little person who has issues dealing with each new situation, couldn’t kick me out of his preschool door fast enough his first day. He loves his preschool. The sweetest lady you will ever meet, I call her the "miracle worker", is teaching it and lucky me she approached me when we first moved into the ward so Wyatt was first on her list for this year.

Wyatt is obsessed with Star Wars! There is only one shirt he favors, and one shirt he will wear and you guessed it deals with Star Wars. He also likes to stuff his pockets with star wars figures (tiny little lego figures). These brave men and creatures have braved the waters of my washer one wash too many times.


I love this kid he has become so random the last couple of months. Kids we haven’t seen for months are being blamed for losing and breaking toys. He is our little story teller. At least he has an imagination right ;)

My Super Wy is going to be the BIG 5 in a couple of months which means this year will be the start of KINDERGARTEN!!! Ahh two in school. I’m so ready for that ;)



Sweet, sweet Rory is the best big brother any younger sibling could have. He loves his brothers. He encourages Wyatt when Wyatt seems unsure and loves playing with him. He loves Greyson and would favor playing with Grey over anything else. He brings such joy to us.


Rory is our BIG FIRST GRADER!! He still loves school and is doing well at it.

Rory has also excelled at the Wii. He’s so good. He kills us at any game we play with him. I guess my brain really did stop improving when I left my 20’s.

Rory is currently without 5 teeth now. Well that’s not true his two lower central incisors are surfacing. But time will tell when the two upper central incisors will see the light of day. But man what a handsome little man he has turned out to be.