Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary/Birthday

On December 18Th Brian and I officially have been married for 8 incredible years. From the moment I saw Brian I knew that there was an amazing quality about him that I liked. However when your 15 at the time and you question the validity of his age (He asked to drive his sisters car. And I asked him if he was old enough :D ) it isn't the best start to a love story. Brian and I were always friends. We hung out with the same crowd of rowdy Mormons. Throughout high school he would always tease me that I would marry him. I would always tell him "in your dreams". Well I have to say he has made my dreams. He is the best father, husband, best friend that I could ever have hoped for. He has a quality about him that is so contagious. One of my favorite things is his humor. You never know what is going to come of out his mouth. But typically it is always something that has a taste of humor in it. I am so grateful for him.

So on December 19th Brian turned the BIG 3-0. Or as my friend likes to call it "20-10." As you can guess I had to razz him a little bit and call him "my old man." I can do that for about six months till my birthday comes around. So I have to take advantage of the opportunity while I still have time.

Having a birthday and anniversary around Christmas has never been easy. But hopefully by our 10 year well have it worked out to start celebrating in style.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Came (Again): A Tale of Dental Blessings

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Rory. Rory had a little brother named Wyatt who he loved to play with. One evening while Rory's mother was downstairs making the house sparkle for the arrival of her "Hero". Rory and Wyatt decided that playing in their room alone was unexciting. So they decided to open up their parents room (which is typically forbidden) to make their playground bigger. Pitter patter and lots of giggles was all Rory's mother could here upstairs. Knowing that they were safe and that it was pretty much Rory and Wyatt proof Rory's mother did not seem to worry.

When all of a sudden ... SMACK ... CRY ... Rory and Wyatt were no longer joyfully giggling, instead they were making sounds of a sad train and heading downstairs. Wyatt appeared first. Everything seemed to be ok with him, although he was crying. Then Rory appeared. Blood was spewing out of his mouth. "What happened?!?" cries Rory's mother. "I ran into your dresser", bellows Rory.

Rory's mother quickly took him into the bathroom to doctor him back to health. Thinking it was his lip or tounge, Rory's mother attempted to wipe away the blood from the alleged "boo boo" sites. But clearly that was not the source. Knowing that Rory had been visited by the tooth fairy before. She decided to count the number of empty holes in his gums. Alas, a new hole had appeared. Rory's mother frantically makes a call to the "Hero" on the phone for advice on what needs to happen. Already heading home, the "Hero" instructs Rory's mother to find the tooth and place it back in the gums.... "Um hold the phone.. you want me to do what?" cried Rory's mother. But because of the love Rory's mother has for her wounded little soldier she finds the tooth and places it back in Rory's mouth. Within minutes the "Hero" arrives home and checks his weeping little boy. After much thought and research he concludes that the tooth must remain out. Rory than calms down and becomes excited about the pending visit by the beloved Tooth Fairy. The next morning he is delighted to see that the tooth is gone and in its place is a whole dollar!!! Rory than proceeds to dance around in delight at thought of his pending trip to the dollar store.

Rory's mother is delighted at the fact that all turned out well for her sweet Rory. The only problem was she did not expect to have such a vivid memory of her eigth wedding anniversary.

Well one things for sure Brian will always be a "Hero" to me and Rory with all the dental problems this kid has had thus far. And for many other reasons.

Count your blessings thats what I always say. Its not every kid that can say that they've lost 3 teeth in the span of 3 months before the age of 5.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Tagged!

OK Ms. Natalie I will reveal the strangeness of my ways.

1. I love to eat baked beans mixed with Miracle Whip (Not Mayo) with pickles on the side. I am salivating thinking of it. This is something that I loved even before the thought of kids. I blame this on my mother

2. I am an inch taller than my sweetheart. We make the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman thing "look good".

3. If you couldn't guess I love politics and I'm very passionate about this upcoming election. Take a ride on the "Stop Hillary Express".

4. I too have diagnosed myself with ADD. It just seems I get in the middle of something and then something else pops into my mind that I think I need to get done immediately. So there is usually a bunch of unfinished projects strewn about my house. I have a box full of "unfinished" crafts if that tells you anything.

5. I love making websites. Sometimes have a hard time focusing on them (refer to #4). But I enjoy the challenge of them. I love digital scrapbooking as well, but not for the typical reasons. I love to see what kinds of papers will make my blog look pretty for the season. Blogging goes along with it too. I think it has been the best way to keep in touch.

6. I'm in love with my men. Now don't get the wrong idea here. Polygamy has not come back in favor of women. Just kidding. Brian is an incredible father and husband. I can't say enough about him. He works so hard everyday to create a wonderful life for us through his example, love and determination to be the best he can be. Rory and Wyatt are just fun! Challenging ,but so much fun! They say the funniest things. Rory told me the other day "my neck woke up on the wrong side of the bed". And Wyatt loves his brother so much that when disciplining Rory he pipes up "That's my brudder mom, I love him, don't be mean to him". He then proceeds to join Rory in timeout too. Just kidding. He is so sweet. I'm very lucky

7. I come from a Chrismakkah family. My father is Jewish and my mother LDS. So growing up we celebrated both. And understood the traditions. And no my friends if your wondering, no double presents. Presents were only given at Christmas. So it is something I would like to have for my kids. We will light the Menorah and of coarse celebrate the true meaning of Christmas -- Christ's Birth.

So there it is. I'm just so grateful that Brian is still in love me after all that.

I'm tagging-- Emily, Erica, Annie, Becca, Wylie, Mindy and Chelsea

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Juror #.....

Today is the day that I had been dreading for a month now. Ever since Brian came in from the mail with a snicker on his face. "Theres a special something for you on the top Celeste" as only a loving husband could say. There it was the dreaded Jury Duty Notice. Now don't get me wrong, I love the system that we have. Not to mention I have served on a Jury before. However with kids it changes things. I didn't want a penalty for not showing up, and I didn't want to take the kids because what would happen then. So I frantically called around for babysitting. Its a lot to ask someone to watch your kids for longer than 2 hours, especially if they are not family. I also tried to see if I would be able to be released due to the fact that I have small children. I kind of waited too long to get a response to that. I was trying to think of things to say that would freak the lawyers out so they would dismiss me. "Drinking is a sin!!!"; "That man there is guilty just by the look on his face";

So today was the day. Did I mention that it snowed 3-5 inches last night? You would have thought that the population of Denver had never seen snow before. Parker road was a parking lot. I can now say that Parker road is the stretch of pavement I detest the most. Anyway, I started from Peoria in Aurora and had to head all way down to Arapahoe road. I was suppose to be there at 8:30. I showed up about 9:30. Ms. GPS (The voice on our GPS system has a crush on Brian and I truly believe that she sends me down the wrong roads on purpose) had something to do with that. I was really freaked out when I walked in. I thought that I would have to do this all over again. When I got to the room they were calling jurors to a case that would last up to 4 days. "How in the world would I do this if I was called to a case like that?" Heavenly Father does look out for us I tell you. I gave the woman my ticket, she scanned it, told me I was not needed and sent me home. Happy DAY!!!! I felt kind of bad because those sweet men and women who recieved the "Juror #" badge didn't have the same smile that clearly was plastered on my face. I can't believe it happened like that. I am so grateful.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Take Me to Your Leader

Over this past holiday we went up to my in-laws cabin. The kids love to go up there. There is a lot of fun things to do when there is snow on the ground and its a mild cool temp. Well considering there wasn't any snow and it was FREEZING out, there wasn't a whole lot to do. So Rory decided that he would play "astronaut". The basement was earth and the main level of the house was space. It was pretty funny. They had to wear their helmets at all times otherwise they wouldn't be able to breath. And you can guess what the adults were -- Aliens.

The funniest thing was when Wyatt had the helmet on. He kept trying to put something in his mouth and forget the helmet was there. Not to mention that Wyatt wasn't big enough for the helmet so it kept tipping forward so he couldn't see anything. There were quite a few crashes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Grillz R Us

Yesterday Brian decided that he couldn't wait till Christmas to get me my present. So we went to this friend of Brians, who owns a shop called "Grillz R Us" (kind of catchy), that fitted me for my very own grill!! Can you believe it? Brian suggested that we go with the "D BOY" logo on it because he wanted everyone to know that I belonged to "D BOY" and besides that is how Wyatt would say it considering he pronounces the "Th" sound like "D". So it was a family decision. It will be two weeks before I get it. Here is a picture the Dentist gave me to show my friends and fam, until the real one comes in ;)

Just kidding. In all honesty I went into get fitted for a crown to cover my infamous root canal. The dentist put on this silver (it might be aluminum; it should have been gold for the price I paid for it) temporary cap. So I feel like I'm this undiscovered HIP HOP artist with this great bling in my mouth. All this hip hop inspiration is coming to me as we speak. Look out Missy Elliot, theres a new queen in town ;) Celestial Flava is going to be bigger than Elvis. Celestial Flava is the best Hip Hop name I could think of. I'm kind of scared that all this money making inspiration might leave when they put the real crown in.... Stay tuned to find out if my CD gets released.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am Grateful

This time of the year helps us all to reflect the things that we are thankful for. Just thinking about this some thoughts came to my head of the things that are blessings in my life.

  • My Husband - After almost 8 years of marriage he can still make me laugh and feel beautiful. I'm just so lucky.
  • My Little Men - one thing about boys is they have lots of energy, but also lots of love. They teach me everyday what it means to love unconditionally. I'm so glad I don't get to miss a moment with them.
  • My Parents - always a constant source of support and love.
  • My In-laws - ha! I know. I am grateful to them for raising a wonderful son.
  • My Sister - Hero, friend, cheerleader, teacher, therapist ;) , rock to lean on. She is amazing (4 children how could you not be).
  • My Friends - "Those who walk into your life, when the rest of the world walks out", I have been blessed to have great friends who accept me and my oddities, and love me for who I am. Your the best!!
  • Mine and my Families health - People we know just lost their 9 year old son to cancer. Its hit Brian and I pretty hard and we find ourselves giving hugs to our little guys and each other more.
  • My Testimony - Going through this life without this incredible gospel would be scary.
  • Brian's Job - Food and Shelter are great things ;)

We hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Possible job after residency

So we're going to go over the the practice that I might be going into after the residency. It's a Saturday, but the doctor already gave me a key to the office. We're pretty excited but we still need to run the numbers and all that jazz. I'll let you know what we think of it. It's a brand new, stand alone building (which is something I've always wanted), 7 ops and still more room to grow.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Dancing Machines

We are considering a gig on "Dancing with the Stars." They've been begging us to come on the show after they saw this number!! Check out our video and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Primay Presentation and Mack Daddy Rory

So this year has been exciting because there has been a lot of "firsts" for Rory. He gave his first talk in Primary in February, he's given the theme a couple of times(memorized and all), he's even had a couple of crushes and he's not even 5 (well get to that later). However all of his practice with the primary microphone paled drastically to the mighty podium microphone in the chapel.

He was excited when he got his part and memorized immediatly. However come practice time, he didn't want a thing to do with practicing. When it came time to say his part in the microphone he wanted nothing to do with it, or he would make me go up there with him and feed him the lines. Anyways so he never really got to say his part in practice.

During all these practice sessions though Rory, the little mack daddy that he is (his father is so proud considering he was the biggest mack dad), started to flirt and goof off with this adorable little blonde in the class ahead of him. They were hilarious together. I am kind of thinking that he was a little nervous to do his part in front of the new friend that he made. But Rory is funny like that he has so many crushes its hard to keep up with him. Mowlary (cute little blonde) is mentioned a lot more now along with Deborah who is a good 6 years older than him. Its just funny how his smile comes up when he sees them. I didn't think that girls would be something he would even think about at 4.

But I digress. So when the big day came we prepped Rory with bribes of 2 pieces of candy if he would go up there by himself and say his part. So we got to church and Brian's parents were there and my parents were there, including my dad (he's not a member) which was amazing for me to have him there. Not to mention the best distraction for Wyatt because we couldn't sit with him. But everything was so perfect all that needed to happen was for Rory to say his part. So the program began and all these sweet little soft spoken children got up there and made us all tear up with their cute voices. So we get to Rory and he looks up at Brian and I (who happen to be up on the stand with the rest of the kids because we teach 11 and 12 year olds) we give him the thumbs up and a gesture to remind him of the yummy candy later. So he goes up there and proceeds to YELL at the top of his lungs into the microphone his perfectly executed part. Everybody jumped about 2 inches in their seats and than there proceeded to be a ripple of laughter throughout the audience. I was part of that, couldn't contain myself. It was hilarious but he did what he promised to do. He said his part perfectly! He needed no help, and yes he got his 2 pieces of candy. I will never forget that day and maybe that's why Rory delivered it the way he did. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Were so proud of him!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

Rory and Wyatt had a really fun Halloween this year. Or maybe I should call them Skeleton Man and Mr. Incredible. I might get in trouble otherwise. First we went to the zoo with his preschool class dressed up in costumes. It was a lot of fun! Its so great to see that Rory has made so many neat friends in his class. Mason is one of them and they always have a great time! Then there was a ward trunk or treat the next day. It was freezing but my boys loved every minute of it. It is so fun to see the older they get the more they like to participate. We have great kids and have had a lot of fun this season. Happy Halloween!!!

"I Got You Babe!"

Sonny and Cher were our muses for Halloween this year. We went to a youth halloween party last night and had to come up with some sort of costume to wear. I'm glad we went with my suggestion because otherwise if we went with Brian's we would have been disqualified for not wearing a costume. His idea was to bring home a mask and gloves and dress up to be ... ready for it.. A DENTIST. And I would have been his assistant in scrubs. It was fun Brian really got into the costume. I think we ended up looking more like a 70's pimp and Elvira but it was the thought that counts. By the way Brian is holding apple cider in case it causes a worry. Little Rory was excited about the wigs too. Cute little miniature Sonny Bono. Happy Halloween to all!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"All I want for 'Halloween' is my two FRONT TEETH"


Minus This

Equals This

Yep that's right Rory had teeth "E and F" extracted today. It was the best experience ever, all except for the end. Rory had started to show signs of infection in his gums. We knew this was coming because his teeth were turning that nasty gray. But we didn't know how long they would stay in, or if they would fall out themselves. Infection changes everything so today was D-day for Rory and we headed to the best Pediatric Dental group in Colorado -- Children's Dentistry! They have a big castle in the waiting room -- if that tells you anything. It was wonderful. Rory had some oral sedation and nitrous. It was so funny because there were at least 3 other kids being sedated at the same time as Rory and to see all these loopy, intoxicated kids was hysterical. This one girl kept laughing because the walls were spinning. Rory was not that articulate but for sure would not be able to pass the "walk the straight line test". But he didn't mind feeling weird he just kept smiling (It was a shared expression around the room). I wonder if this is what the 60's were like. Just kidding!!! He laid down and watched his movie on the dental chair without complaint. He wore some great sunglasses and wasn't phased at all to have this weird mask cover his noise. He didn't even twitch when the gave him numbing shots and "wiggled" his teeth out. Whose child is this? Mine would have been screaming the moment he hit the chair. Oh wait I forgot that the drugs make him happy!! The miracles of science!!

However everything went down hill when he realized his teeth were gone (they showed him a mirror to see his mouth). I don't know if you have ever dealt with a child or someone who is still affected by sedatives and are angry about something but Rory went nuts. It took me 10 minutes to get him into the car, no joke. It took every ounce of energy and muscle I had to lock him in his car seat. Finally he calmed down. Wow wasn't ready for that one.

But the rest of the day he was awesome. He was so happy and eating up a storm. He didn't even need to have any Tylenol or pain meds. I couldn't believe how painless, all except 10 minutes, it was.

Well I think he looks tons better without them. Looks like the tooth fairy is coming tonight, hopefully she shows grace and doesn't wake the sweet slumbering child.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Power to the People!!

I am a huge fan of conservative radio as some of you might have discovered. Among the few people I listen to, Laura Ingraham is one I listen to the most. She is a wonderful voice of reason. Anyway she was in Denver for a book signing, so I mustered up all my courage and ventured to the Borders Bookstore across from Park Meadows alone. It was awesome!! I had such a great time. And the best was to have someone who I truly admire and look up to sign my book and take a picture with me. Her book has been on NY Times best seller's list and Amazon for many many months. Its a great read. I would highly recommend it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We went over to Nick's Nursery off Chambers and Iliff. It was so fun. The boys had a blast. They had a jumping castle, a maze with a haunted house (Wyatt wasn't so sure of), rows and rows of pumpkins, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Everyone had a good time. Best of all it was free!! Can't beat that price!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Go Bronckies!

So Rory is becoming familiar with the sports lingo around here. Here in Denver we have the Rockies and the Broncos. So earlier this morning he was watching cartoons and then after that a football game came on. He came running up to us to let us know that the Bronckies were on! Thats my boy!! Instead of having to worry about two different teams he consolidates them into one. Who cares that they are two different sports. He is just a cute little man. Too bad the Broncos stink this year. But thats ok because the Rockies Rock!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Divide and Conquer

Well nothing to report that's exciting. We have just been chugging along through the same old routine. Except for the fact that we are trying to become clutter free. It is next to impossible living in these little townhouses, you know what I'm saying Jamie ( what it would be like stretch your arms out and not have both hands touch both sides of your house) Just kidding its not that small. But Brian and I are trying to make this place a sanctuary. We started with our attic and moved through our closets and now we have conquered our desk area. What a battle that was. We got rid of so much stuff. If only I wasn't such a pack rat. Well Brian is kind enough to help me through this with therapy sessions once a week. Just Kidding. But new goals are on the horizon for me to continue this clutter free trend.

Our next thing we would like to conquer again is getting Rory not to wet his bed at night. So he has been perfect for the last 6 months. Perfect!! No problems! But maybe he just wants to keep us on our toes or something. Were going to go down the bribery path. Were also going to get some big night lights that will guide a path from his bedroom to the bathroom so that he will make it there and not be scared of the dark. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great. Always looking for new approaches.

We really enjoyed conference this year. Its always amazing how we end up setting goals twice a year, usually around conference time. We know what we need to be working on but it is so nice to have the those loving reminders every 6 months. That's probably why they do it bi-annually. I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk. Sometimes a talk as bold and profound as his needs to be spoken. The relief society general president gave such great advice about what we should be emphasizing with our kids. What an exciting thing to have President Eyring in the First Presidency. Elder Cook seems like he will be a wonderful addition to the quorum of the twelve. I laugh because the 11 and 12 year olds we teach in Primary were given the challenge, by yours truly, to memorize the members of the first Presidency and the quorum of the 12. Looks like they will have to do some more memorizing. Me too for that matter. Its fun though we have great kids in the class.

Well that's the happenings of the "Hutch" clan.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Office

The Office premiered last night and I have to say did not disappoint. It was hysterical. From Michael hitting a co-worker with his car. To Dwight killing his girlfriend's cat by putting it in the freezer. The night was full of so many high points. But the coolest one is that Pam and Jim are together now.... So for those of you who have not caught onto this phenomenon your missing out. We highly recommend it!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Brian and I had a great weekend.

Friday night my sister ( who is a month away from delivering) asked if Wyatt could come over for a slumber party with her youngest. They are a month apart. Then my mom asked if she could have Rory overnight. WELL YEAH. Brian and I had a date night. Nothing special or too expensive but it was so nice. Time alone with him only convinces me more and more how lucky I am to have him. Not that I needed any convincing ;) But it was nice how babysitting kind of figured itself out for us!

Saturday we went to WARBIRDS OVER THE ROCKIES. These were the big radio controlled WWII airplanes. There were some jet models with real jet engines in there as well. It was really neat. Brian was like a kid in a candy shop. Good thing he choice dentistry as a profession because this is a very expensive hobby.

Saturday night we had a blast with the Rasmussens. Brian was able to get months of Dental talk out to somebody other than me. And I was able to chat with a good friend who is in the same situation I'm in and learn some amazing things I want to do with FHE and preschool. Thanks Mindy. They have a gorgeous house. With a backyard. What an incredible thing -- a backyard. The kids had so much fun they can't stop talking about it.

All in all it was great weekend. And were looking forward to many more

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dental Date Night

Picture it . . . Brian is wearing his best scrubs . . a light pale blue, he puts on his oh so attractive loops to enhance his gorgeous green eyes. . . . . And this is all I remember as I underwent my procedure to have him fix my tooth.

So this was the first time that we have had one on one time together, besides the assistant ;) Oh well only with the Hutchisons. We probably need to get out more!

So anyways I had a a chip on one of my molars and it needed to be fixed. So there is this nice dentist in the ward that let Brian come in, use her assistant, materials and whatever else he needed to get the job done. It was so nice of her.

The only problem is that I don't think I was a good patient. I guess I'm too jumpy. I have to say I will love reaping the benefits of what dentistry does to our bank account. However I'm not such a fan of the whole needles in the mouth and drills burning through my teeth thing. But I will say this my sweet husband did a spectacular job. He was so patient and loving. I know that he is and will be a magnificent dentist.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Tron Movie

New "Tron" movie is being made. New 'TRON' races on; DISNEY Sequel planned... Hopefully Disney will do the film justice.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Brian and I were sitting in the Adult session of stake conference last night listening Elder Merv Arnold of the Seventy and realized that we need to do some inventory in our home. He spoke about the legacies that his parents left him and what an impact they were in his life. With 7 kids they would wake up every morning at 6 am with scripture study and then eat breakfast together. He remembered always having FHE and sitting down for every meal together as a family. During those meals was an incredible time to communicate with each other. He remembers that in his parents prayers there was a plea that their kids would have desires to serve missions and get an education and grow a deep love for the gospel. There were many sacrifices made by his parents but the result was a job well done!! Each of the 7 all served missions, graduated from college. They are strong members of the church. We realize that our habits need to change that we need to have legacies for our kids. Lasting ones that will help them as they make decisions in their life. It was a good reality check!! Life can get so busy, and if you let it can take over the precious time set aside for those tender moments that leave those legacies. We have a lot of work to do. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

Family Fair

It was a fun trip to the family fair at the Flanders building. All except for the fact that I had a terrible cold. I bet that looked nice for everyone to see ;) But I held it in because I wanted the kids to have fun!! It was fun to go. We saw a lot of old friends that we hadn't seen for years. Even a couple that were in my Rick's College ward my last year. We saw Aaron Rasmussen but missed Mindy and the kids. Aaron said that he and Mindy brought some neighbors for some family fun and to also show them the chruch. Good job on the missionary work guys.

Here are some of the highlights:

Jumping Castle Fun!!

look out Rory and Wyatt are on patrol!!!

This little one would only eat the Popsicle. Then and only then did he think it OK for him to eat his regular food.


Rory's turn!!!

Wyatt hit it inside the catcher's mitt.
Granted he was right in front of the target but he did make it!!

The pro showed his boys how it's done!!! There was a thing to see how fast the pitch was and he got up to 90 .... just kidding it was 64. But I was very impressed. He's still got it!! Too bad there weren't any major league scouts around ;) Wouldn't that help with student loans!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I don't know what I am thinking but I have Rory in two preschools. One is with the city for kids 4 and up, and another is with some of my friends in our ward Rory is the oldest in the class, the youngest is a full year younger than Rory. I will be taking turns teaching. Rory has classes till 11:30 Monday through Thursday. Brian thinks I am crazy! I probably am. I won't lie its busy. But I guess I justify it because I feel that Rory is getting some great experience and I can monitor and see the things I need to work on with him through my preschool. Besides Wyatt will be a student whenever I teach. It will be good for him to start early, I HOPE! I don't know I probably am crazy.

Rory started classes last week for the city preschool. He was really excited about it until he found out that I was dropping him off and leaving. He told me that he was going to tell Dad I left him somewhere. Oh well. We all survived. He actually did really well. Wyatt was really sad though. He kept saying "Where's Rory?", "Let's go get Rory!", "I want Rory." This week is much better though. I think that he is actually liking the fact that he has just me.

His teachers are so nice and seem so good. Rory seems to like them which is always a plus. This was him the first day in his classroom.

After Dad came home that night we decided that we wanted to make this day extra special. So the boys dived into playing Rockets, while I attempted to make him a special cake. I have to give recognition to my friends who are incredible cake decorators and inspired me to reach outside my comfort zone and give it a go. Erica Burgess especially gave me the idea to make Rory's first day a special day. I'm just worried what we'll have to do when Kindergarten comes around. By the way the cake is suppose to say "Crayons" but I ran out of room :) So it is a box of one Crayon ;) Oh well its my first attempt at something nice. I guess I need to watch more cake decorating shows.

Rory's "Box of Crayon" Cake

Rocket time!! We got some pump rockets from target.

Life has just begun to get busy I hope I'm ready!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beach Fun in Colorado?

Who says you need to be near the coast to have fun at the beach. We went on a fun family outing to Aurora Resevoir. Brian helped out with Colorado Cares and got two free day passes. We are looking forward to going back before the summer ends.

Rory didn't know what he was getting himself into when we asked him if he wanted to be buried. But he was a good sport about it.

The boys couldn't get enough of the sand. They were throwing it and rolling around in it. Dad included ;)

The water was nice, we were barely able to pull the boys out to leave.

Look out Rory and Wyatt are big scary sharks in the water. Its awesome that these two little guys are such good friends.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wyatt's resemblance to dear old Dad

We just found this old photo of Brian. They are both so cute.

Zoo trip with Grandma

This is my nephew Max. He is 5 years old and a HUGE Bruce Lee fan.... No not really. But he is so funny!! We love him and he always makes us laugh. I have to say that this moment was the highlight of our Zoo Trip

We had a great time. We had this multi generation thing going. It was a lot of fun. My mom was a good sport and had fun wrangling my sister and I's kids.

We had a blast there. We were finally brave enough to go into the Lorikeet adventure where you can feed the birds nector. For some reason my nephews would smile for the camera but my kids wanted to have nothing to do with it.

I couldn't believe that my kids weren't scared of the birds coming over to them. They were so excited. And were begging me to go buy more nector for the birds. It was a lot of fun. My mother was so impressive the birds kept on landing on her. It was like she was a modern day "bird whisperer." ;)

Cousins are so much fun!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

4 degrees of Wyatt



Luke Warm

Hot little man!!!
He is just so stinkin cute!!! If only I could make his hair more even!!