Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beach Fun in Colorado?

Who says you need to be near the coast to have fun at the beach. We went on a fun family outing to Aurora Resevoir. Brian helped out with Colorado Cares and got two free day passes. We are looking forward to going back before the summer ends.

Rory didn't know what he was getting himself into when we asked him if he wanted to be buried. But he was a good sport about it.

The boys couldn't get enough of the sand. They were throwing it and rolling around in it. Dad included ;)

The water was nice, we were barely able to pull the boys out to leave.

Look out Rory and Wyatt are big scary sharks in the water. Its awesome that these two little guys are such good friends.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wyatt's resemblance to dear old Dad

We just found this old photo of Brian. They are both so cute.

Zoo trip with Grandma

This is my nephew Max. He is 5 years old and a HUGE Bruce Lee fan.... No not really. But he is so funny!! We love him and he always makes us laugh. I have to say that this moment was the highlight of our Zoo Trip

We had a great time. We had this multi generation thing going. It was a lot of fun. My mom was a good sport and had fun wrangling my sister and I's kids.

We had a blast there. We were finally brave enough to go into the Lorikeet adventure where you can feed the birds nector. For some reason my nephews would smile for the camera but my kids wanted to have nothing to do with it.

I couldn't believe that my kids weren't scared of the birds coming over to them. They were so excited. And were begging me to go buy more nector for the birds. It was a lot of fun. My mother was so impressive the birds kept on landing on her. It was like she was a modern day "bird whisperer." ;)

Cousins are so much fun!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

4 degrees of Wyatt



Luke Warm

Hot little man!!!
He is just so stinkin cute!!! If only I could make his hair more even!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Brian's Mini Me

Rory is really taking on a lot of the traits of his handsome father!! All the way from his keen fashion sense to the fact that they were both burned to crisp at the recent ward picnic :)

Mr. Independant

Well my little Wyatt is certainly gaining a new trait that isn't so pleasant -- Stubbornness. Of course he gets it from the Hutchison side ;)

I am grateful that his little personality is coming out but those stinking 2's have hit this household with vengeance. Mom can no longer put him in the car, so 10 minutes later we finally are locked and ready for take off. The phrase "I'll do it myself" is a common response now. I am grateful that his sentance structure is as good as it is. But man can he articulate when he doesn't agree with the situation. The picture above is him pouting at a ward picnic. It was actually quite funny to see him go plop himself into that chair and glare back at us. It was hard not to laugh.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Horse Heaven

When I was little I spent at least 6 weeks out of our summers working on my grandparents ranch. I would collect eggs, shovel horse manure, feed the horses, cows, and chickens. When it got hot we would wade in the irrigation ditches. Our highlight had to be driving the tractor around. We felt we really accomplished something to be able to cut the hay and pull the baylor thing. We had such a good time every summer.

My grandfather has since sold his ranch, but he does have 10-12 horses that he races at Arapahoe Park and somewhere in Arizona (might be Paradise Turf). I wish that my kids could have the experiences that I did while we worked on my grandfather's ranch. But just to give the experience to be around horses will suffice. Rory and Wyatt have only been around horses one other time and that was with my mom. Wyatt was not too keen on the horses. He refused to call them horses because he insisted they were cows! Wouldn't that be a site to see cows racing instead of horses. He finally warmed up to them and even let one eat out of his hand. Rory was very excited to be around the horses but when it came time to touch them he stopped about an inch away. Oh my cute little boys. We will have to take them out again so they can get used to them and maybe they can ride one!

I thought that this was such a funny picture of Rory!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Big Man is 4!!

We had a birthday party for Rory's 4th birthday on the 31st because the 30th was monday and we didn't want the party to interfer with everyone's FHE. So we did it on tuesday the 31st at Chuck E. Cheese. This is the first real, friends invited birthday party that Rory's ever had. Of course we had all the cousins come, and Rory's sunbeam class. It was way fun. More girls from sunbeams came, but I think thats because Rory inherited his father's playa skills! He's got all those girls wrapped around his finger! We had so much fun.

I have to say I now know why Heavenly Father sent boys to us. I forgot how much I love to play with action hero stuff ( I guess you could call me a bit of TOMBOY). Don't get me wrong Barbies are cool, but Barbie's arms could never shoot across the room like transformers do! I love playing with the kids. Rory got the coolest stuff for his birthday ( transformers, spiderman stuff, star wars) Man Brian and I were like kids in a candy shop trying to open up the boxes and get the toys ready for the kids to play with. Don't worry we did give the kids a chance to finally play with the toys ;)

Needless to say it was good, non-stress fun for everyone. And the best part is Rory had the best time and had a smile on his face the whole night. Which really is the point!!!