Friday, September 28, 2007

The Office

The Office premiered last night and I have to say did not disappoint. It was hysterical. From Michael hitting a co-worker with his car. To Dwight killing his girlfriend's cat by putting it in the freezer. The night was full of so many high points. But the coolest one is that Pam and Jim are together now.... So for those of you who have not caught onto this phenomenon your missing out. We highly recommend it!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Brian and I had a great weekend.

Friday night my sister ( who is a month away from delivering) asked if Wyatt could come over for a slumber party with her youngest. They are a month apart. Then my mom asked if she could have Rory overnight. WELL YEAH. Brian and I had a date night. Nothing special or too expensive but it was so nice. Time alone with him only convinces me more and more how lucky I am to have him. Not that I needed any convincing ;) But it was nice how babysitting kind of figured itself out for us!

Saturday we went to WARBIRDS OVER THE ROCKIES. These were the big radio controlled WWII airplanes. There were some jet models with real jet engines in there as well. It was really neat. Brian was like a kid in a candy shop. Good thing he choice dentistry as a profession because this is a very expensive hobby.

Saturday night we had a blast with the Rasmussens. Brian was able to get months of Dental talk out to somebody other than me. And I was able to chat with a good friend who is in the same situation I'm in and learn some amazing things I want to do with FHE and preschool. Thanks Mindy. They have a gorgeous house. With a backyard. What an incredible thing -- a backyard. The kids had so much fun they can't stop talking about it.

All in all it was great weekend. And were looking forward to many more

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dental Date Night

Picture it . . . Brian is wearing his best scrubs . . a light pale blue, he puts on his oh so attractive loops to enhance his gorgeous green eyes. . . . . And this is all I remember as I underwent my procedure to have him fix my tooth.

So this was the first time that we have had one on one time together, besides the assistant ;) Oh well only with the Hutchisons. We probably need to get out more!

So anyways I had a a chip on one of my molars and it needed to be fixed. So there is this nice dentist in the ward that let Brian come in, use her assistant, materials and whatever else he needed to get the job done. It was so nice of her.

The only problem is that I don't think I was a good patient. I guess I'm too jumpy. I have to say I will love reaping the benefits of what dentistry does to our bank account. However I'm not such a fan of the whole needles in the mouth and drills burning through my teeth thing. But I will say this my sweet husband did a spectacular job. He was so patient and loving. I know that he is and will be a magnificent dentist.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Tron Movie

New "Tron" movie is being made. New 'TRON' races on; DISNEY Sequel planned... Hopefully Disney will do the film justice.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Brian and I were sitting in the Adult session of stake conference last night listening Elder Merv Arnold of the Seventy and realized that we need to do some inventory in our home. He spoke about the legacies that his parents left him and what an impact they were in his life. With 7 kids they would wake up every morning at 6 am with scripture study and then eat breakfast together. He remembered always having FHE and sitting down for every meal together as a family. During those meals was an incredible time to communicate with each other. He remembers that in his parents prayers there was a plea that their kids would have desires to serve missions and get an education and grow a deep love for the gospel. There were many sacrifices made by his parents but the result was a job well done!! Each of the 7 all served missions, graduated from college. They are strong members of the church. We realize that our habits need to change that we need to have legacies for our kids. Lasting ones that will help them as they make decisions in their life. It was a good reality check!! Life can get so busy, and if you let it can take over the precious time set aside for those tender moments that leave those legacies. We have a lot of work to do. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

Family Fair

It was a fun trip to the family fair at the Flanders building. All except for the fact that I had a terrible cold. I bet that looked nice for everyone to see ;) But I held it in because I wanted the kids to have fun!! It was fun to go. We saw a lot of old friends that we hadn't seen for years. Even a couple that were in my Rick's College ward my last year. We saw Aaron Rasmussen but missed Mindy and the kids. Aaron said that he and Mindy brought some neighbors for some family fun and to also show them the chruch. Good job on the missionary work guys.

Here are some of the highlights:

Jumping Castle Fun!!

look out Rory and Wyatt are on patrol!!!

This little one would only eat the Popsicle. Then and only then did he think it OK for him to eat his regular food.


Rory's turn!!!

Wyatt hit it inside the catcher's mitt.
Granted he was right in front of the target but he did make it!!

The pro showed his boys how it's done!!! There was a thing to see how fast the pitch was and he got up to 90 .... just kidding it was 64. But I was very impressed. He's still got it!! Too bad there weren't any major league scouts around ;) Wouldn't that help with student loans!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I don't know what I am thinking but I have Rory in two preschools. One is with the city for kids 4 and up, and another is with some of my friends in our ward Rory is the oldest in the class, the youngest is a full year younger than Rory. I will be taking turns teaching. Rory has classes till 11:30 Monday through Thursday. Brian thinks I am crazy! I probably am. I won't lie its busy. But I guess I justify it because I feel that Rory is getting some great experience and I can monitor and see the things I need to work on with him through my preschool. Besides Wyatt will be a student whenever I teach. It will be good for him to start early, I HOPE! I don't know I probably am crazy.

Rory started classes last week for the city preschool. He was really excited about it until he found out that I was dropping him off and leaving. He told me that he was going to tell Dad I left him somewhere. Oh well. We all survived. He actually did really well. Wyatt was really sad though. He kept saying "Where's Rory?", "Let's go get Rory!", "I want Rory." This week is much better though. I think that he is actually liking the fact that he has just me.

His teachers are so nice and seem so good. Rory seems to like them which is always a plus. This was him the first day in his classroom.

After Dad came home that night we decided that we wanted to make this day extra special. So the boys dived into playing Rockets, while I attempted to make him a special cake. I have to give recognition to my friends who are incredible cake decorators and inspired me to reach outside my comfort zone and give it a go. Erica Burgess especially gave me the idea to make Rory's first day a special day. I'm just worried what we'll have to do when Kindergarten comes around. By the way the cake is suppose to say "Crayons" but I ran out of room :) So it is a box of one Crayon ;) Oh well its my first attempt at something nice. I guess I need to watch more cake decorating shows.

Rory's "Box of Crayon" Cake

Rocket time!! We got some pump rockets from target.

Life has just begun to get busy I hope I'm ready!!