Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun

Rory and Wyatt had a really fun Halloween this year. Or maybe I should call them Skeleton Man and Mr. Incredible. I might get in trouble otherwise. First we went to the zoo with his preschool class dressed up in costumes. It was a lot of fun! Its so great to see that Rory has made so many neat friends in his class. Mason is one of them and they always have a great time! Then there was a ward trunk or treat the next day. It was freezing but my boys loved every minute of it. It is so fun to see the older they get the more they like to participate. We have great kids and have had a lot of fun this season. Happy Halloween!!!

"I Got You Babe!"

Sonny and Cher were our muses for Halloween this year. We went to a youth halloween party last night and had to come up with some sort of costume to wear. I'm glad we went with my suggestion because otherwise if we went with Brian's we would have been disqualified for not wearing a costume. His idea was to bring home a mask and gloves and dress up to be ... ready for it.. A DENTIST. And I would have been his assistant in scrubs. It was fun Brian really got into the costume. I think we ended up looking more like a 70's pimp and Elvira but it was the thought that counts. By the way Brian is holding apple cider in case it causes a worry. Little Rory was excited about the wigs too. Cute little miniature Sonny Bono. Happy Halloween to all!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"All I want for 'Halloween' is my two FRONT TEETH"


Minus This

Equals This

Yep that's right Rory had teeth "E and F" extracted today. It was the best experience ever, all except for the end. Rory had started to show signs of infection in his gums. We knew this was coming because his teeth were turning that nasty gray. But we didn't know how long they would stay in, or if they would fall out themselves. Infection changes everything so today was D-day for Rory and we headed to the best Pediatric Dental group in Colorado -- Children's Dentistry! They have a big castle in the waiting room -- if that tells you anything. It was wonderful. Rory had some oral sedation and nitrous. It was so funny because there were at least 3 other kids being sedated at the same time as Rory and to see all these loopy, intoxicated kids was hysterical. This one girl kept laughing because the walls were spinning. Rory was not that articulate but for sure would not be able to pass the "walk the straight line test". But he didn't mind feeling weird he just kept smiling (It was a shared expression around the room). I wonder if this is what the 60's were like. Just kidding!!! He laid down and watched his movie on the dental chair without complaint. He wore some great sunglasses and wasn't phased at all to have this weird mask cover his noise. He didn't even twitch when the gave him numbing shots and "wiggled" his teeth out. Whose child is this? Mine would have been screaming the moment he hit the chair. Oh wait I forgot that the drugs make him happy!! The miracles of science!!

However everything went down hill when he realized his teeth were gone (they showed him a mirror to see his mouth). I don't know if you have ever dealt with a child or someone who is still affected by sedatives and are angry about something but Rory went nuts. It took me 10 minutes to get him into the car, no joke. It took every ounce of energy and muscle I had to lock him in his car seat. Finally he calmed down. Wow wasn't ready for that one.

But the rest of the day he was awesome. He was so happy and eating up a storm. He didn't even need to have any Tylenol or pain meds. I couldn't believe how painless, all except 10 minutes, it was.

Well I think he looks tons better without them. Looks like the tooth fairy is coming tonight, hopefully she shows grace and doesn't wake the sweet slumbering child.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Power to the People!!

I am a huge fan of conservative radio as some of you might have discovered. Among the few people I listen to, Laura Ingraham is one I listen to the most. She is a wonderful voice of reason. Anyway she was in Denver for a book signing, so I mustered up all my courage and ventured to the Borders Bookstore across from Park Meadows alone. It was awesome!! I had such a great time. And the best was to have someone who I truly admire and look up to sign my book and take a picture with me. Her book has been on NY Times best seller's list and Amazon for many many months. Its a great read. I would highly recommend it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We went over to Nick's Nursery off Chambers and Iliff. It was so fun. The boys had a blast. They had a jumping castle, a maze with a haunted house (Wyatt wasn't so sure of), rows and rows of pumpkins, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Everyone had a good time. Best of all it was free!! Can't beat that price!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Go Bronckies!

So Rory is becoming familiar with the sports lingo around here. Here in Denver we have the Rockies and the Broncos. So earlier this morning he was watching cartoons and then after that a football game came on. He came running up to us to let us know that the Bronckies were on! Thats my boy!! Instead of having to worry about two different teams he consolidates them into one. Who cares that they are two different sports. He is just a cute little man. Too bad the Broncos stink this year. But thats ok because the Rockies Rock!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Divide and Conquer

Well nothing to report that's exciting. We have just been chugging along through the same old routine. Except for the fact that we are trying to become clutter free. It is next to impossible living in these little townhouses, you know what I'm saying Jamie ( what it would be like stretch your arms out and not have both hands touch both sides of your house) Just kidding its not that small. But Brian and I are trying to make this place a sanctuary. We started with our attic and moved through our closets and now we have conquered our desk area. What a battle that was. We got rid of so much stuff. If only I wasn't such a pack rat. Well Brian is kind enough to help me through this with therapy sessions once a week. Just Kidding. But new goals are on the horizon for me to continue this clutter free trend.

Our next thing we would like to conquer again is getting Rory not to wet his bed at night. So he has been perfect for the last 6 months. Perfect!! No problems! But maybe he just wants to keep us on our toes or something. Were going to go down the bribery path. Were also going to get some big night lights that will guide a path from his bedroom to the bathroom so that he will make it there and not be scared of the dark. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great. Always looking for new approaches.

We really enjoyed conference this year. Its always amazing how we end up setting goals twice a year, usually around conference time. We know what we need to be working on but it is so nice to have the those loving reminders every 6 months. That's probably why they do it bi-annually. I really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk. Sometimes a talk as bold and profound as his needs to be spoken. The relief society general president gave such great advice about what we should be emphasizing with our kids. What an exciting thing to have President Eyring in the First Presidency. Elder Cook seems like he will be a wonderful addition to the quorum of the twelve. I laugh because the 11 and 12 year olds we teach in Primary were given the challenge, by yours truly, to memorize the members of the first Presidency and the quorum of the 12. Looks like they will have to do some more memorizing. Me too for that matter. Its fun though we have great kids in the class.

Well that's the happenings of the "Hutch" clan.