Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mountain Man

Brian, underneath his perfectly spiked hair, smoothed face and pressed clothes lies a mountain man. Its not what you think. I just imagine when the situation calls for it Brian would morph into this crazy looking disheveled mountain man with a beard and fro. Refer to the picture below. But only when he camps with the young man. I wouldn't even recognize my husband without his imaculate image.

I just think its funny because Brian is in the Young Mens Presidency in our ward. The Klondike (where the young men go camping in the snow) is tomorrow and the President and Brian (who is the second counselor) are the only ones going with all the young men. The regular scout master, who has a room in his house solely dedicated to scout stuff and is in the military, is not attending. Neither is his assistant. So basically it is Brian and his friend. Brian, a resident at the VA, and the President, a 3rd year dental student are the only leaders going. So if their are any problems with teeth or the mouth, man are all the young men set.

They aren't even using tents, instead they have to build a snow cave and sleep in it. "Brian have you ever built a snow cave before?" Celeste asks, "No but its easy I'm a dentist" Brian's reply. Just kidding thats not what he said. Can you believe they really have to build snow caves. Can you say CrAzY.

But I just know Brian's inner mountain man will show its face as he has these crazy tasks ahead of him. Like feeding, monitoring and building shelter for 7-10 young men.

Here is what I imagine Brian's inner mountain man looking like. Even though I know in real life hair doesn't grow at all like that on his face.

I hope the young men take a picture of him in action so the myth of the inner mountain man can be captured ;)

Brian and his friend will be great. I am just nervous for him because its a lot to take on. But I know he will do wonderful. I will miss him.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tagged 7--A few of my favorites!!!

Whenever Oprah does her ‘Favorite Things’ show, I am always curious about the things she chooses and why. The best part of her ‘Favorite Things’ show is that she shares them with others! Well, the other day I thought to myself, “I don’t have to be Oprah to have ‘Favorite Things’. I started to think about the day to day things that I have or use that bring me some form of enjoyment. I thought it would be interesting to find out the ‘Favorite Things’ of my friends and family too. So here it goes…If money were not an issue and you wanted to load up a basket of your most ‘Favorite Things’ and give it to your friends, what would you choose and why? During your day to day life, are there things that you use each day that make you smile or feel good? Is there something that you look forward to everyday? It can be something simple, like the type of pen you use or something big like the type of car you drive. I will list my ‘Things’ and then I will tag a few of you to do the same thing. Here they are in no particular order...

1. I don't wear makeup all that much, well not lipstick at least. But I love MAC lipstick "O". It is the perfect shade for my skin.

2. I haven't been able to figure this one out myself. Brach's Conversation Hearts are one of my favorite candies. If not the top stop.

3. I am a shoe whore. I love shoes. I am out of practice in buying them. But that doesn't mean I don't take notes for when my luck will change and I all of a sudden have a budget for them.

4. A whole new world has been opened up to me with my purchase of my solia straightening iron. I can't straighten my hair in any record time but I sure do love the results when its done. Don't get me wrong my curls are who I am and I love them. But a change is always nice. Wylie thank you for introducing me into this new world.

5. My lash curler is a must. I was introduced to one last year and we have been tight friends ever since then. I realize that age is catching up with me. I can't exactly leave the house without just a little bit of eye makeup to make me look alive. People have asked me every so often if I was feeling alright when I pop out of the house with my na-tur-al look. So curling my lashes and little mascara help a ton!

6. I love to shop for my guys Old Navy and Children's Place have good quality clothes for great prices especially when they have 50% off clearance. Yea baby!!! Brian does pretty well at Old Navy and Target!

For myself I love looking around at Forever 21!!!

Looking around is the key word here. I'm waiting for that fun budget that will let me get the occasional goodie here and there.

7. I love music. My current favs of course Michael Buble'. But recently I have become aware of Jason Mraz. His music is great! I love it.

Extra. I too have to give a shout out to Kamee. I love reading her blog! She takes the most amazing pictures and has inspired me to learn more about photography. Not to mention that I am trying to bribe my husband to buy me a nicer camera that she recommended to me. Check her blog out and partake of her talent.

I tag anyone who would like to share their great favorites with the rest of us!!

4 becomes 5

So I think I am far enough along and large enough to cause suspicion to announce that we will become a family of 5 in August! We're so excited! And wow am I excited that the first trimester is over. I felt so ill at night. I never felt that way with the other two. I can't tell if its just that I am getting older or if its that it is the third. Were very happy but wow I can't believe that I talked myself into this. Am I ready for this? Well the Lord thinks we are and thats all that counts in my book. So we wanted to announce to all of you the happy news. We are going to put up a poll for all those who want to vote to see whether you think its going to be boy or a girl. In all the 14 grandkids on both sides of the family their is only one girl and thats on Brian's side. So the big day to find out is March 17. Were looking forward to it and all we hope for is a happy, healthy baby!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rock Band

Brian and I went with my sister over to her sister-in-laws Friday night party night festivities and had a blast. We didn't get home till 1:30 in the morning :D. So the adults played this game called "Rock Band" while the kids watched a movie. It was so crazy. Our kids stayed up till midnight. I don't know why I am admitting our bad parenting to all of you. But they did sleep in till 10 am today. But the game we played was so much fun.

Picture Brian being this amazing amazing guitar, bass and drummer!!! Except for the fact that he was in his church clothes. Kind of funny!

I tried my fate with vocals, I didn't feel coordinated enough to try any real instruments. Now we all know that I can't sing that well at all. But I was able to score a 99% from the game. It was so much fun. Here is an image of the look.

It was a blast!!! I can't believe we stayed up that late just to play a video game!!!! It was sticken fun though!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Current Music Obsession

So I got this album for Christmas and I still can't get enough of it. He has such a rich, soothing voice. Its his current album. Its amazing I can listen to these songs over and over again and I just can't seem to get enough of them. I recommend it to you all. Happy listening!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Go Mitt!!!

Grandma, Rory, Wyatt and I headed down to a rally where Mitt Romney was going to be. It was held in a car dealership. I meant to get there a lot earlier than I did knowing that space was limited but the time I was suppose to be there, unfortunantly was the time that I left. We got there about a 40 minutes before the rally but that still proved to be a little too late. Here are some of the highlights

Here is as far as we got inside the dealership. I think that more people came then they expected. The circle on the far right picture is where Mitt Romney was on the other side of the glass.

Here is the view everyone else had from the inside. It was wonderful to hear his great words. And to see the turnout that came out to support him.

The best part is that my boys were there with me. They were so good. There was a lot of people around yet they didn't complain, whine, or even cry. Did I mention nap time did not exist today. A little bit of bribary and sugar never hurt anyone ;) It was fun though, and wonderful to have my mom with us. I just hope that I can teach them, as my mom did with us, to figure out who they are, and that its ok to stand up and fight for what they believe in. People at the rally kept joking about the cute little "future conservative voters" campaigning at such an early age.

I just thought that I would add that my boys were sitting on top of a gorgeous silver 2009 Cobra Mustang. Brian, sweet husband of mine, if you ever read this blog. One of those cars in our garage (When we get a garage) would be bliss! Just kidding.

We had a great time. I hope that all of you will go out and vote in the Primaries. Super Tuesday (Feb 5th) is my state's caucus. Whether you think that your vote will matter. Now more than ever it will matter. I recommend voting for Romney. I truly do believe he has the qualifications of being an incredible President.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My Men

These guys are just so darn cute. I had to show off how adorable all three of my handsome gents are.

Here is Wyatt looking more like his handsome dad everyday!!!