Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing Skills.....My Husband!

Brian's brother got married over the weekend in California. Here is a picture from the wedding.

Here is a picture at the reception when my man got the party started.

He has dental skills, Numchuck skills, and of course mad dancing skills. Who knew someone could move like that at 30 ;) Love you honey!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Signs the ol' Belly is getting big

It seems with every pregnancy my beloved belly decides to make a bubbly appearance competively earlier than the previous one. So here are the signs I know its getting big. Not just to me but the surrounding world around.

1. You accidently knock your kids down because you can't see them. It would suite you kids better to RUN AWAY when BIG MAMA is coming.
2. You bump into the sweet handicapped, blind gentleman at church. Sorry sir the halls in our building are kind of tight...
3. Your buckling a "not so" cooperative child into his car seat, while at the same time trying to suck your gut in so that you can keep your car door closed just enough to not hit the car next to you. -- YOU FAIL!! Sorry to the nice SUV that was parked next to me at Target. I sincerely gave it my all.
4. Instead of being able to weave through groups of people at church. A pathway is created because of incident #2. Give me till August and pray for immediate deflation and more coordination.
5. Finding a comfortable sleep position can be dangerous to your spouse. I turned over the other night and almost bounced sweet Brian out of bed. Sorry honey your the most patient man I know.
6. Your children hug your belly and say goodnight to new baby brother, and forget to say goodnight to the hostess with mostess. I guess looking at me from that angle I would only see belly too.

To some of you who never seem to quite make it as large as I do. Here is a look into the world of a woman who probably looks like you do at delivery time when I am a whole 4 months!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Today was the big day to find out what we are having... And we a delighted and happy to announce that we have a healthy baby boy on the way!!! 3 Boys!! I have to say it one more time. 3 boys! WOW! We are so excited!! It's a relief to know. Especially that he is as healthy as can be!! Well that makes #9 on my side of all grandsons, and #7 on Brian's for grandsons. 16 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Were building our modern day version of the Army of Helaman amongst our siblings. We are not doing so well with names so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear it. I mean there is so much pressure to find that perfect name for the 3rd boy because the 1st and 2nd names were our top picks.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Do you suffer from Momnesia?

On the "Today Show" recently they had a segment about a condition called Momnesia. They define it saying “It’s a state of the female brain that is a bit forgetful after she’s had a baby,” Dr. Louann Brizendine Forgetful is an understatement. Sometimes I just come up with a lack of words, and forget how to form sentences. They go onto say:

The author of the book “The Female Brain,” Brizendine said that the condition is brought on by the wildly fluctuating flood of hormones that accompanies pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding.

“It alters brain chemistry,” she said. “All these hormones are in a stew in the brain that are changing the way a mother focuses.

Brizedine easily laughs about her own momnesia while explaining that mothers are so focused on their children that other things simply get lost.

“It’s like a pie of attention,” she told Kotb. “We have so many resources we can spend for things. When you divide that pie — here’s a slice for breast-feeding, here’s a slice for packing the diaper bag, going to the doctor, making sure the milestones are met — the common, ordinary things get pushed to the wayside.”

I cannot tell you how true of this is for me. She then goes on to explain remedies for controlling the condition.

1. First she says to write down everything. She has a big calendar with all the activities of her family written on it. She also carries a pad of paper and pen around whenever away from home.

2. "She advises new mothers to do is simply accept that they can’t do everything and scale back their responsibilities. That means fighting off the 'mommy guilt' that mothers often feel when they can’t be Superwoman"

3. Find time to exercise daily.

I'm just grateful its not just me being flakey, or maybe it is?! But that there is an actual condition to my madness ;)
I'm hoping these things work. If not my brain will be mush by the time our third is 1!