Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catching up West side style ....

Well its official we are heading to the unknown and moving our clan to Westminster. Brian accepted a job up there. And currently we are trying to find good neighborhoods and nice houses with a garage, a backyard and no neighbors on the other side of the wall. Although it has not been bad with the neighbors on our one side currently.

We are excited and feel so blessed with the way the Lord has helped us get to this point. Seriously Westminster is honestly the furthest place I thought that I would be but we are here on the Lord's errand not mine. We have ideas on where we think we should go and sometimes its not always in line with where we need to go.

Brian applied for residencies in other states but we ended up at the VA in Denver. Through that VA he meet this awesome Perio guy that suggested this Westminster place to Brian. Through prayer and many trips to the temple the Lord told us to turn down jobs closer to home and go with the one up there. Its neat to see the reason why the Lord wanted us to stay close to home for residency. We would have never meet the guy that helped us find this job. Nor would we be heading to a place that clearly the Lord wants us to be. The other amazing part is that everything is working out so well with the transitions we need to make to go up there. I am truly grateful that we can recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives.

Other great news ....

Rory scored two goals in his last game and was one of 4 kids in a class of 20-30 to get a game puck at the end!!! Not only does Rory fit the part with the lack of his teeth but he has the skill set to back it up. He is so fun

Wyatt has gotten two blackeyes on the same eye in less than a month. It sure is a joy taking him into public. First one was from his best bud they crashed into each other. The second one was from a beautiful little girl, they too crashed into each other. I'm sure she took his breathe away before and after the incident occured.

As for me I had one of the best weekends with some great friends. Shopping, eating and great girl fun was the name of the game. Can't wait for Arizona! I'm working on trying not to waddle too much. Third trimester is always the best ;)

Well thats the update!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Zoot Suits

Brian was at his parents house this past saturday and found some old clothes of his. We didn't look through it together. However come Sunday morning I finished getting ready for Church and these two little cuties come into my room ready "to be deacons" as Rory was saying. It was so adorable. Its crazy that these are some of Brian's old suits from the good old days. I could just imagine this adorable little Brian running around in them. Teeny tiny double breasted suits. Hilarious!

Just love these boys.

They look so adorable. It was so cute to see them in miniature suits.

We had to get Rory striking the "John Travolta" Pose.

Unfortunantley by the end of church they had each had an "incredible hulk" moment and popped a couple of buttons off their suits. Well I am going to have to get better with my sewing skills soon.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I like to introduce you to ....

Rory "Gretzky" Hutchison

We enrolled Rory into hockey for the month and he seems to be picking it up like he has been playing forever. Its so cool to see him getting into sports. He seemed to love it. Its a parent, child class so Brian helps him learn the different moves. I couldn't tell who was having more fun, him or Brian. Its just so fun to watch.

Prince Wyatt is 3

Wyatt turned 3 last Wednesday. It was a lot of fun! We had a little cousins party for him at Chuck E. Cheese. When we got to CEC it was crowded, not expected considering it was a weeknight. And totally under construction. I guess I need to plan better next time. Hardly any games were working and the floors were uneven and dangerous to walk on. Other than that it was a great time. The kids didn't seem to mind, they had a blast.

Kind of crazy. Kids keep growing up way too fast.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Inside the World of Wyatt

Wyatt was tagged by one of his very favorite people...Cousin Owen

7. If you have ever meet this little boy then you'll know that one of his favorite things in this world are BALLS. Soccer balls, Basketballs, Tennis Balls, Footballs he is absolutely obsessed with sports! I believe that "ball" was his first word. He likes to watch college basketball with Dad and comment on how that "player made bad shot" or "player made good shot". I'm betting he is going to be some kind of wonder like Beckham, Brady or Carmelo Anthony! One could only hope!

6. Wyatt loves Superheroes!! He loves running around the house with Rory and fighting the evil robots, monsters, and bad guys (normally played by Me), and saving the world. Batman and Superman are their favorite shows to watch.

5. Wyatt's best friend hands down is Rory. He loves doing anything his brother is doing good or bad, right or wrong. He just loves being around him. It was bit of a struggle the first couple of times that Rory went to pre-school. But I think that he has gotten used to hanging out with mom.

4. Wyatt's smile is so contagious. He has this way of brightening up a room with his smile.

3. Unfortunately for Wyatt he has inherited something from my side of the family that I am not proud of -- A Uni brow. Luckily I have been able to wax, tweeze and all the other unpleasant things women have to go through in order to manage keeping two eyebrows instead of one.

2. Wyatt is not quite the clone Rory is to Brian. He does have some of my features. It always amazes me the mixed reviews people tell me about my kids. Rory for sure is all Brian. But Wyatt I had a woman ask me if I had anything to do with that child. I gently reminded her of the lovely beach ball I accessorized with my outfits for the last nine months. But then there are others who think he is more of an Ohr (pronounced "Oh rrr") than a Hutchison. Oh well it will be an adventure to see what the next one looks like.

1. Wyatt is so sweet and loving. Always making sure no one is left out. He loves to laugh especially at his brothers jokes and silliness. He is so sincere at times when he talks it is hard not to give in to those precious big brown eyes. I love it when he talks because he enunciates well but it sounds like he has a dozen marbles stuffed in his cheeks.

We love him and are so grateful to have him in our family.

Wyatt would like to tag any and all friends that would like to share a little something inside their world.