Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Does anyone else miss a cool sci-fi series like this? I've been watching reruns and was reminded how much I liked this. I remember having X-file nights in college. I know what your thinking but honestly I was not part of some nerdy sci-fi club. My FHE bros loved the show as well. Always so interesting. Love Scully and Mulder. I was just thinking that I have yet to find a TV show comparable to this show. Oh well. I'm looking forward to the movie coming out. Hopefully they don't get too hokey.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Can I go peepee?

Maybe its just me but I've always freaked myself out when I was little that someone was watching me in my sleep. Well last night at about 1:00am, I felt like someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and surprise Rory is standing right in front of my face. I have no idea how long he had been standing there. I screamed!! All he wanted to know was if he could go to the bathroom. Such a polite child. Seriously though we have told him to just go and not wake us up or scare us awake. This morning Brian was laughing hysterically at me. I have a feeling he is going to try and freak me out in the near future, now that he knows my weakness.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Book Review "The Host"

So I got this for my birthday and didn't start reading it till last week. I loved it. This woman can write. Wow what a talent!! I will say this, the beginning was slightly confusing but once you catch on it is such a fabulous read. Stephenie Meyer has this way of making you connect with the characters so that you miss reading and being apart of their lives once the book ends. Man it was addicting. Brian officially does not like Stephenie Meyer because I get so addicted to reading any book she writes, and can't put it down till I finish. I'd say thats a good sign of a great author! Incredibly well written.

Catching up

Not that were behind but it feels like I haven't really posted something in a long little while.

So my sweet Rory graduated from Preschool and is heading into "Big Kids Land" elementary and I am excited, nervous, happy, sad all at the same time. My little guy is growing up. They had a face painter there so being the good mother that I am --Ha!! I let Rory get his face done, my suggestion was a little something on his arm. But i caved! I honestly think it scared him to death when he first looked in the mirror. But after that he was running around looking for spiderman, because he's Venom.

Were moving to Broomfield at the end of this month. Were renting this house with, get this, a garage, and backyard. We are so excited. Brian starts work July 2nd so he is elated that it is sooner than later. He is on the schedule! Not to mention he will be the sharpest dressed guy at the practice after his "need" for work clothes was voiced. That man can shop, better than me. He will look absolutely fabulous, with the increase in this wardrobe. Were also trying to rent out our town home, with that includes prepping it for renters as well. Lots of painting and other such improvements going on. If you know anybody who would be interested please let us know ;)

Were potty training Wyatt. It is extremely slow going. This morning he went to bathroom on his own. But then peed on my carpet just for good measure. Oh well if you can't have a sense of humor about than sanity will never be possible.

June started on a sad note, my grandfather passed away. He was so heartbroken when my grandmother passed three years ago that it was wonderful to know that they are finally going to be together again. He was 89 and in pretty bad shape at the end. We will miss him though. He was a hard worker and taught us a great work ethic as us kids would work on their farm during the summer. Brian and I are getting excited about getting some temple work going for them.