Friday, September 26, 2008

New Pictures

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I"m back baby

For those of you who have followed my Conservative blog. I am back from Maternity Leave ;) There's a new post hot off the press. Check it out. Conservative blog. I'm always looking for others opinions so please feel free to comment. This blog however does have gramatical errors and run on sentences and random thoughts. So please BEWARE. But I'm sure that can't offend.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys Bathroom sign

Sorry to all who might be offended with this picture. But to me it is the perfect sign I would love to have on all bathrooms frequented by my little men.

So here is the skinny on my reasoning for the sign. A couple of days ago, Wyatt decided that he had to go the bathroom and instead of going to the closest one, he decided he had to run to the one all the way upstairs. So I hear some noises upstairs and finally Wyatt submerges from the bathroom and claims he needs new clothes.

"Why do you need new clothes, Wyatt?"

"Because I got wet."

Here I was thinking he peed on the carpet. Which thankfully he didn't. No, when I walked into his bathroom it looked like a war had been fought in there. Without too much description, the walls, the floor, basically everything except for the toilet retained the most damage. AAAAHHH! Yuck.

I figured out the next day when I supervised his next toilet session that he was trying to be a big boy like his brother and use the toilet like he does. Well we now know he is not ready, yet.

Wow and I have three of them. Boys who I love. Boys that make me laugh. Boys that are so sweet. And yes boys that are probably going to continue to make my bathrooms disgusting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Next Beckham

We finally got Rory in Soccer. After promising him, and failing to sign him up on time. I finally moved quickly and got him on a team, "The Cheetahs". Grrr!! Anyways Rory's first game was this past Saturday. I think he really liked it. He did really well for it being his first time ever. But I am no professional by any means. We had a great time.

Wyatt was busy on the sidelines being cute and cheering on Rory. He also claimed one of Greyson's blankets, and was running around like superman with it.

Greyson was the silent cheerer. He was so good the whole game.