Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Summer Can be Summed up to this ...

He's all mine ladies!!! Socks and everything!

Just Kidding!!

Although it was WEDNESDAY and he certainly was wearing his "Business Socks", "Conditions were perfect :)". Yeah Right!! All you Business Time fans. Just kidding!! I was such a kind wife that I neglected to think about footware when I met Brian at the pool after work.

We had a great summer. Very Busy! I didn't realize how busy it would get with a mobile baby. Granted there isn't much movement happening but thats a whole other blog entry.

I'm back in business and will update more. I'm failing miserably at my New Years Goal.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Western Slope Adventures

Last weekend we headed to the western slope for a CE course that Brian signed up for. As a bonus we were able to visit some great friends. Rory and Wyatt were completely in love with their new friends and the incredible collection of new toys at their fingertips. We had such a great time.

We arrived at this beautiful destination late on Thursday night. And this is where the story begins. So the first thing was to get the kids calm and asleep. So mission accomplished. When we went to bed it was a little hot so we fell asleep with the window open. At 2:30 in the morning Brian wakes up completely frozen and starts rattling around our room to find something to bundle up in. Now I did mention that all the kids were asleep right. So he crashed something pretty loud in the room and low and behold baby Grey woke up. We were both tired and exhausted, concerned about waking up the whole house. So Guess who went back to sleep? You guessed it, not me. How does that work? Shouldn't the one who woke up the kid soothe him back to sleep. Well I guess he gets disqualified from that since he had a CE class the next day. I could have killed him. I got some restitution two days later at Old Navy and Ross. Thanks for watching the kids Ben, while us ladies cleared the racks.

Anyway the next day I mentioned that I wanted to go hiking. Emily is an avid hiker and knew of a beautiful place called ... wait for it .... DEVIL'S KITCHEN. I was OK with it. The area was breath taking.

So I was all on board with it. I strapped Grey onto my back (20 lbs) and slapped some hats and sunscreen on the kids and felt confident I could handle this.

I interrupt this story to tell you that I am not a real daredevil. At all. "City Slicker" is more like it. Oh and I am afraid of heights. I've never gone on a hike with 3 kids without Brian.

Ok so here is what the beginning of the hike looked like.

Super beautiful place...

Good so far. Very flat and doable. Then we come upon some stairs.

I'm doing OK. I'm trying not to breath too heavy and worry about the kids falling.

Then the Stairs disappeared and there was just rock to climb up. So here is where I started to

and doubt myself a little. I was worried about my crazy boys bouncing everywhere and falling down the side of the rocks we had climbed up. And I was concerned because I was not balanced with the cute chubby baby on my back. But I wasn't about chicken out either. So my sweet friend talked me through the whole thing. I wasn't so concerned about going up. But coming down certainly was the thing that concerned me the most.

I was terrified; I was embarrassed; and I had Wyatt tugging on my unbalanced frame trying to keep up with his brother and friend. I did make it to the top by the way. It was windy too. The Arrow points to where it was.

Here is another Pause in the story. This is Emily, incredible mother, wife, cook (she made some yummy pico de gallo), aweseome friend (she's one of those people that is easy to be around and so fun!!), incredible home maker ( her house was completely organized -- literally everything had its place. Not to mention her house is GORGEOUS!), and beautiful. But did I mention that she is a superhero as well....

This incredible lass walked down my kids first and then walked back up to lead me down. Did I mention that she had her little boy that was probably 30+lbs on her back. I'm such a nerd. She takes her kids on these adventures all the time without a worry in the world. I'm so grateful that I have friends in my life that can teach me how to chill out when needed.

I have to say that I am so grateful I did it. Facing my fears and seeing that my kids are more capable of not killing themselves helped me grow and gain more confidance.

Needless to say we had a great time with our dear friends and look forward to seeing them again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's crafty ....

Not me. But I am grateful that there are those around me who help me create the illusion that I am "CRAFTY". You know who you are you CHIC Women!

My grandmother moved into a smaller apartment and was giving away furniture. Our 4 seater table really wasn't cutting it anymore. So we decided to adopt her fun dining table set. Now considering that my grandma is in her 90's, the table that she had has to be over 50 years old. I decided I needed to update it a little. I called on my "CRAFTY" crew and my sis helped me figure out how to re-cover all the original chairs. She helped me pick out the fabric and Vinyl. She lent me all the materials to complete the project. Then she decided to leave town.

Now its confession time... I am not one that finishes a craft project EVER. Well thats not true exactly someone practically has to be holding my hand in order for me to finish. Don't believe me... Check out the bin I have downstairs labled "Unfinished CRAFTS". Its pretty full!!

But this became a more urgent matter. The more meals that were eaten at this new table, the more colorful the chair cushions became. Something needed to be done. I couldn't wait for someone to hold my hand this time. I had to do it even if it was the hardest thing I had ever done. What's harder than childbirth I ask you? EXACTLY. So I cut out the material...NOT SO BAD. Pulled off the old fabric ... REALLY EASY. Then proceded to ask Brian to help me staple the new fabric onto the chairs...HE IS GOOD AT HOLDING HANDS.. :D

And low and behold.........
It went from this....

to this......

Here is what the table looks like with ALL the chairs done!

Big thanks to my sis and husband who help make my house beautiful!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dodge City

I am forturnate to have married into a family, that is wonderful, but also that has ties to even more great people that reside in a place I've only heard of in the movies. Yep, growing up I watched westerns with the name Wyatt Earp in them.

I'd love to tell you that were related to this "lawman", but were not. Rather Brian is not, The only Wyatt were related to is the spunky, charming 4 year old residing under our roof.

We love going to visit there. I can't say that the drive is this beautiful , amazing experience. I mean its Kansas. No offense. I'm just used the the Rocky Mountains I guess. But the best part of being there is the family that we have there. They are some of the best kind of people you'll ever meet. When I first meet these wonderful people it was like I'd known them my whole life. Thats just who they are. Very accepting and lovable to all.

Easter weekend we were down there for a 50th wedding anniversary for Brian's great Aunt and Uncle. I took some pictures and here is some of the good ones that turned out.





Details at the party!


The guests of Honor.




This is the only granddaughter on both sides. She is so beautiful and so sweet!! She just loved taking pictures!


This is my nephew he is so much fun. Also super sweet! When Wyatt and him get together look OUT!


These are Brian's gorgeous sisters. They are great friends of mine who are near and dear to my heart. I am so blessed to have such great sister-in-laws.


I have to say that something that really impressed me about Brian was the way that he treated his mother. He has such respect for her. While we were dating someone mentioned that how a son treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. Well Brian has been wonderful all these years.


Ok here is one more... Yes we are the braces twins. I am hopefully getting them off next month. But you never know.

What's this Deux Photography you ask? Stay tuned to find out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We've been sick.....

Weird sick! Last weekend Brian woke up with his hands swollen, and his joints achy. It lasted for just about 2 days and then cleared up. Then Rory started to have a nasty looking rash show up on his arms. Then it spread to his face, chest and legs. No fever though. So we took him to the doctor and they thought it might be hives. Then a few hours later the doctor called and said it might be fifths disease aka "slapped cheek disease". So if you read up on it you will see that in children it shows up as a rash and in adults its joint pain and swelling. Kind of crazy. Then Rory got a nice cough to top off everything. Oh and I got the lovely stomach virus yesterday. Whoo hoo. Did we miss any sickness? Oh wait Greyson just woke up kind of Croupe. Lots of fun!

Its Wabbit Season


They were cute when "they" were just one. The other day I looked out in the backyard and "they" turned into 3. Three pesky little rabbits who happened to leave surprises all over my yard. I have 3 kids to look after, I don't need to clean up after some stinkin rabbits. Oh and did I mention that it might be mating season. Let me just say this, I don't need to have some nature show with frisky rabbits going on in my back yard for all to see including my sweet, innocent little boys.
Anyways, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Everytime we saw a rabbit or rabbits out there we tried to chase it like crazy people. Waving our hands, clapping at them until the stinkers somehow squeshed their body underneath a crack in our fence that was no bigger than an inch or two. How do they do that? You can only imagine what our neighbors think. I think we plugged up most of the holes that they somehow came through. So here is a mugshot of one of the culprits.

If anyone has any ideas on how to rid our yard of these deceivingly cute little critters please let me know. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7 months


Sweet Greyson is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!! I'm trying to savor every moment. But because my memory is going and most likely will never return I have to jot down a few things that I love about Grey.

*He has the best cheeks out there. We're sure they weigh 5 lbs each :)
*He can roll from his tummy to his back. But considering he doesn't like his tummy he refuses to roll the other way (even though we know he can) :)
*His favorite veggie is Green Beans, even though it smells the worst.
*His smile lights up the room.
*He is so good to his parents because you sleep through the night.
*We're pretty sure those gorgeous baby blues are here to stay.
*His laugh reminds us of baby Jack Jack's from the Incredibles.
*He knows his mom and misses her when she is gone!
*He is a sweet, content and loving baby.

Thursday, March 05, 2009



Rory is reading. I think that it is the most amazing thing when that switch turns on and the confidence to try starts to push through. I've been working with him for a while, even before kindergarten and not too much success. But I must admit I'm not the best teacher by any means. But now his teacher has informed us that he is above average in reading.

Seriously the milestones he makes, maybe because he is my first, are just so amazing. My son can read. Which is typical for any kindergartner. But this is just the beginning. It's just neat to see your child grow and develop with skills that will take him far in life. Somehow it feels like for that brief second that were doing something right over here :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rock Band Baby


Greyson's hair is coming in. It is so cute. I didn't realize how long it was until I spiked it the other day. Rory and Wyatt had fun with Grey's new do too. They kept walking by and chuckling to themselves about the Rock Band Baby!!! He seriously looks just like Brian with his hair identical to dads.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Breezy out here?


Wyatt loves to wear his batman costume. Which is great!!! Imagination is our friend. However, this particular costume is 2 sizes too small and he never wears clothes underneath it. Soooooo...... he kind of has the "hospital gown affect" going on.

To complete this outfit, Wyatt has chosen to find some high quality white cotton socks. Paired with "McQueen" shoes that must be worn on the wrong feet. This by far will be the hotest trend hitting the runways this spring :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dear Brian ......

So today I opened a letter addressed to Brian. I know, you can get arrested for opening other people's mail. But since I'm nosey and my husband happens to be the person it was addressed to, I thought that I would throw caution to the wind and look inside. I don't think he'll press charges ;) It made me curious because the address was hand written on the envelope. So I looked inside and too my surprise it read,
"Dear Brian, Thank you so much for generous donation of $X to the ___ foundation"
Sorry I'm withholding the amount and the foundation name because
1. I don't want anyone to find out how cheap we actually are and
2. Wonder why we didn't give more to such a noble foundation.
So I was thinking that Brian and I are pretty good about talking about big purchases. But I don't remember him asking me if he could donate that "generous amount" to the, we'll just call it the "human fund". Which, had we talked about it, would have been just fine, mind you. So I call Brian at work today and he said he had no idea what I was talking about. REALLY! I mean really Brian. Then he remebered that someone at work had given him a paper saying that they donated $X in his name.
Honestly I got a huge giggle because it reminded me of that Seinfeld episode "The Human Fund". Also making it clear that Brian and I are truly CHEAP!!! We only look generous when someone else does something in our name. So anyone out there who is thinking about being extra "generous", or thinking about doing something nice. Think of us. Thinking about donating money to build another wing to a hospital. Don't forget the Hutchisons (Hutchison Wing has a nice ring to it). If your wanting to give a little extra to find a cure. Again remember those Hutchisons :) Your making us look good through this economic crisis, one donation at a time. Here's to you kind person!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day with Brian Regan

Yep Brian allowed me to share our Valentine's day with another Brian. We had great tickets to his show playing in Colorado Springs. We laughed our heads off. He is my favorite, hands down. Totally clean and worth my money during this economic crisis. ;) His opening act was hysterical too, Kermit Apio. We had such a great time. We went with my sis and her hubby and the Moultons. My Brian, as in Brian "studdley and handsome" Hutchison, surprised me with beautiful flowers. He is so wonderful and I feel so lucky that he is all mine. I'll have to get the pictures the of pimp-like jacket that he was wearing. He always has something going on to make me laugh.

Monday, February 16, 2009

6 Months

17 lbs 6 ozs!!!
Chubby, chunky and loving it!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I want my kids to be GEEKs (Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids)

I was listening to the radio yesterday and happened upon an interview with this woman who wrote this book "Bringing up Geeks". It was amazing listening to her. Knowing that she was the best kind of expert that could give the best advice because . . . She has an MOM degree. No PHd or Masters of whatever. It was good to hear another voice saying it was OK to raise children different to how society dictates how they think they should be raised.

Here is a product overview from Amazon. I'm not so great with words. And they explain it so well.

"In a world of superficial values, peer pressure, and out-of-control consumerism, the world needs more GEEKs: Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids. Today’s ‘culture of cool’ has changed the way kids grow up. Rather than enjoying innocent childhoods while developing strong, authentic characters, today’s kids can become cynical—even jaded—as they absorb the dangerous messages and harmful influences of a dominant popular culture that encourages materialism, high-risk behaviors, and a state of pseudo-adulthood.

Author and mother of four Marybeth Hicks suggests an alternative: bringing up geeks. In this groundbreaking book, she shows parents how they can help their children gain the enthusiasm to pursue their passions, not just the latest fashions; the confidence to resist peer pressure and destructive behaviors; the love of learning that helps them excel at school and in life; and the maturity to value family as well as friends, as well as make good moral decisions.

With a foundation like that, kids will grow up to be the coolest adults."

I thought that I would share this wonderful find. She is also the author of
"The Perfect World inside my Minivan"
The name cracked me up. Its suppose to be pretty funny and spot on as far as families.

With that said, I just recently happened upon this article and hope to never see this image until my children are old enough to carry such a responsibility.

Here is the article (This is not "The Enquirer" or "The Star" and it didn't show a picture of big foot marrying the lockness monster so I thought it might be for real.)

I mean oh my goodness. I can't even imagine. He doesn't look that much older than Rory. Even though he is 13 :(

Lets all hope that we can bring up GEEK kind of kids to make this world a better place.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged -- 5 things

I was tagged by my beautiful and wonderful friend Jamie.

5 things in my Purse
1. Wallet -- I am currently carrying around Georges Wallet from Seinfeld. He keeps all of his reciepts in the bill portion of the wallet. Yes it is hard to fold in half.
2. Diaper changing needs (Butt Paste --swear by this great invention -- for the baby not me ;), diapers, wipes)
3. Cell Phone -- I need to stay connected
4. Hair band -- We have all seen the untamed version of my do. So there needs to be something on hand to tame the beast.
5. Pens. -- I always need to replenish this because I lose these silly things all the time.

5 things in your Workroom/Office/Huge Junk Drawer
(this is my dirty little secret)
1. Computer -- that is dog slow. Over 5 years old.
2. Big Chair -- that we couldn’t fit downstairs in our family room. (currently looking for a new home)
3 Unfiled papers that need to be filed in #4
4. File Cabinet -- very empty from the lack of papers inside it because they are sitting ufiled on the floor (refer to #3)
5. Kids games and craft stuff

5 things you’ve always wanted to do
1. Go to Europe! I would love to especially see Italy and Ireland. No kids allowed.
2. Go to Hawaii or Cancun for an extended stay sans kids.
3. Go to on fun family vacation with kids because I neglected them in #1-2
4. I would love to be organized completely
5. I would love to finally find a house that we will be in for more than 10 years.

5 Things I am into
1. Being a SAHM and being the one to raise my guys!
2. Photography and Photoshop
3. Brian (Cheesey I know)
4. Blogging (sounds so silly to say)
5. Love Food Network and trying recipes from there.

5 Bloggers to tag
1. Becca
2. Sarah Runyon
3. Sara Ker
4. Kim L.
5. Erica B.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yep I am a huge fan of Psych the show. Its on USA network. Anyways. Brian and I are currently viewing the second season. The first episode of the second season has to be my favorite!!! Here is just a little taste of it. Maybe I like it because its from my era, and I remember liking the songs they were singing. Which saying that makes me seem Old. This episode happened to be a spoof of American Idol.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What fascinates you?

Well my sweet little 5 1/2 month old is fascinated with his hands. Having this little one reminds me how in life each day their can always be a new discovery. Watching newborns learn their surroundings reminds me how simplistic life should be. Even for us oldies. Life should be about what brings joy and love into our lives. My hope is that I can discover something new, whether it be in the scriptures, hobbies, or just day to day stuff everyday.




This was his first time with rice cereal. Two new discoveries. I hope you discover and conquer the world my love!!

Little Missionaries

This is every parents hope and dream, that their children will gain testimonies. Rory and Wyatt have been our inspiration for keeping up with scripture reading. I'd like to say that it was their AWESOME PARENTS that inspired them. But I am a slacker. They teach me so much and make me a much better person and mother. They wanted so badly to take some pictures with their "Books of Mormon" or their "Book of Mormons" (has anyone seen the "Best Two Years"?). Anyway they are great kids and are headed in the right direction.



Stock Show

The Stock Show was so much fun this year. Everyone had a great time including me until I started to breath and it kind of hurt. Sneezing and itchy eyes followed. Yep thats right I'm allergic to all that dust and animal stink associated with all that lovely 4H fun! I did manage to take some pics of the fun, and allergy free breathing that everyone else had.

This picture is pretty blurry but I am still learning.

I love these guys. They all did really well!!

Brian's best Dirty Harry! "You feeling lucky Punk!"

Photobucket Grey was so good!!!

These are two handsome nephews of mine. They are so much fun and truley are as tough as they look.