Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged -- 5 things

I was tagged by my beautiful and wonderful friend Jamie.

5 things in my Purse
1. Wallet -- I am currently carrying around Georges Wallet from Seinfeld. He keeps all of his reciepts in the bill portion of the wallet. Yes it is hard to fold in half.
2. Diaper changing needs (Butt Paste --swear by this great invention -- for the baby not me ;), diapers, wipes)
3. Cell Phone -- I need to stay connected
4. Hair band -- We have all seen the untamed version of my do. So there needs to be something on hand to tame the beast.
5. Pens. -- I always need to replenish this because I lose these silly things all the time.

5 things in your Workroom/Office/Huge Junk Drawer
(this is my dirty little secret)
1. Computer -- that is dog slow. Over 5 years old.
2. Big Chair -- that we couldn’t fit downstairs in our family room. (currently looking for a new home)
3 Unfiled papers that need to be filed in #4
4. File Cabinet -- very empty from the lack of papers inside it because they are sitting ufiled on the floor (refer to #3)
5. Kids games and craft stuff

5 things you’ve always wanted to do
1. Go to Europe! I would love to especially see Italy and Ireland. No kids allowed.
2. Go to Hawaii or Cancun for an extended stay sans kids.
3. Go to on fun family vacation with kids because I neglected them in #1-2
4. I would love to be organized completely
5. I would love to finally find a house that we will be in for more than 10 years.

5 Things I am into
1. Being a SAHM and being the one to raise my guys!
2. Photography and Photoshop
3. Brian (Cheesey I know)
4. Blogging (sounds so silly to say)
5. Love Food Network and trying recipes from there.

5 Bloggers to tag
1. Becca
2. Sarah Runyon
3. Sara Ker
4. Kim L.
5. Erica B.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yep I am a huge fan of Psych the show. Its on USA network. Anyways. Brian and I are currently viewing the second season. The first episode of the second season has to be my favorite!!! Here is just a little taste of it. Maybe I like it because its from my era, and I remember liking the songs they were singing. Which saying that makes me seem Old. This episode happened to be a spoof of American Idol.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What fascinates you?

Well my sweet little 5 1/2 month old is fascinated with his hands. Having this little one reminds me how in life each day their can always be a new discovery. Watching newborns learn their surroundings reminds me how simplistic life should be. Even for us oldies. Life should be about what brings joy and love into our lives. My hope is that I can discover something new, whether it be in the scriptures, hobbies, or just day to day stuff everyday.




This was his first time with rice cereal. Two new discoveries. I hope you discover and conquer the world my love!!

Little Missionaries

This is every parents hope and dream, that their children will gain testimonies. Rory and Wyatt have been our inspiration for keeping up with scripture reading. I'd like to say that it was their AWESOME PARENTS that inspired them. But I am a slacker. They teach me so much and make me a much better person and mother. They wanted so badly to take some pictures with their "Books of Mormon" or their "Book of Mormons" (has anyone seen the "Best Two Years"?). Anyway they are great kids and are headed in the right direction.



Stock Show

The Stock Show was so much fun this year. Everyone had a great time including me until I started to breath and it kind of hurt. Sneezing and itchy eyes followed. Yep thats right I'm allergic to all that dust and animal stink associated with all that lovely 4H fun! I did manage to take some pics of the fun, and allergy free breathing that everyone else had.

This picture is pretty blurry but I am still learning.

I love these guys. They all did really well!!

Brian's best Dirty Harry! "You feeling lucky Punk!"

Photobucket Grey was so good!!!

These are two handsome nephews of mine. They are so much fun and truley are as tough as they look.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Pigs must be flying around right now because I never thought that I would be sewing. Let alone using a sewing machine.

I made this for my sister for Christmas!!

So I have to give a shout out and credit to my friend Meredith. She held my hand the whole time while I sewed this beautiful purse/bag for my sister. She also designed it and helped me pick out the fabric. She is so talented!!! Check out her etsy store. Who knows I might be so bold to go and buy one of them there sewing machines. :)