Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Western Slope Adventures

Last weekend we headed to the western slope for a CE course that Brian signed up for. As a bonus we were able to visit some great friends. Rory and Wyatt were completely in love with their new friends and the incredible collection of new toys at their fingertips. We had such a great time.

We arrived at this beautiful destination late on Thursday night. And this is where the story begins. So the first thing was to get the kids calm and asleep. So mission accomplished. When we went to bed it was a little hot so we fell asleep with the window open. At 2:30 in the morning Brian wakes up completely frozen and starts rattling around our room to find something to bundle up in. Now I did mention that all the kids were asleep right. So he crashed something pretty loud in the room and low and behold baby Grey woke up. We were both tired and exhausted, concerned about waking up the whole house. So Guess who went back to sleep? You guessed it, not me. How does that work? Shouldn't the one who woke up the kid soothe him back to sleep. Well I guess he gets disqualified from that since he had a CE class the next day. I could have killed him. I got some restitution two days later at Old Navy and Ross. Thanks for watching the kids Ben, while us ladies cleared the racks.

Anyway the next day I mentioned that I wanted to go hiking. Emily is an avid hiker and knew of a beautiful place called ... wait for it .... DEVIL'S KITCHEN. I was OK with it. The area was breath taking.

So I was all on board with it. I strapped Grey onto my back (20 lbs) and slapped some hats and sunscreen on the kids and felt confident I could handle this.

I interrupt this story to tell you that I am not a real daredevil. At all. "City Slicker" is more like it. Oh and I am afraid of heights. I've never gone on a hike with 3 kids without Brian.

Ok so here is what the beginning of the hike looked like.

Super beautiful place...

Good so far. Very flat and doable. Then we come upon some stairs.

I'm doing OK. I'm trying not to breath too heavy and worry about the kids falling.

Then the Stairs disappeared and there was just rock to climb up. So here is where I started to

and doubt myself a little. I was worried about my crazy boys bouncing everywhere and falling down the side of the rocks we had climbed up. And I was concerned because I was not balanced with the cute chubby baby on my back. But I wasn't about chicken out either. So my sweet friend talked me through the whole thing. I wasn't so concerned about going up. But coming down certainly was the thing that concerned me the most.

I was terrified; I was embarrassed; and I had Wyatt tugging on my unbalanced frame trying to keep up with his brother and friend. I did make it to the top by the way. It was windy too. The Arrow points to where it was.

Here is another Pause in the story. This is Emily, incredible mother, wife, cook (she made some yummy pico de gallo), aweseome friend (she's one of those people that is easy to be around and so fun!!), incredible home maker ( her house was completely organized -- literally everything had its place. Not to mention her house is GORGEOUS!), and beautiful. But did I mention that she is a superhero as well....

This incredible lass walked down my kids first and then walked back up to lead me down. Did I mention that she had her little boy that was probably 30+lbs on her back. I'm such a nerd. She takes her kids on these adventures all the time without a worry in the world. I'm so grateful that I have friends in my life that can teach me how to chill out when needed.

I have to say that I am so grateful I did it. Facing my fears and seeing that my kids are more capable of not killing themselves helped me grow and gain more confidance.

Needless to say we had a great time with our dear friends and look forward to seeing them again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's crafty ....

Not me. But I am grateful that there are those around me who help me create the illusion that I am "CRAFTY". You know who you are you CHIC Women!

My grandmother moved into a smaller apartment and was giving away furniture. Our 4 seater table really wasn't cutting it anymore. So we decided to adopt her fun dining table set. Now considering that my grandma is in her 90's, the table that she had has to be over 50 years old. I decided I needed to update it a little. I called on my "CRAFTY" crew and my sis helped me figure out how to re-cover all the original chairs. She helped me pick out the fabric and Vinyl. She lent me all the materials to complete the project. Then she decided to leave town.

Now its confession time... I am not one that finishes a craft project EVER. Well thats not true exactly someone practically has to be holding my hand in order for me to finish. Don't believe me... Check out the bin I have downstairs labled "Unfinished CRAFTS". Its pretty full!!

But this became a more urgent matter. The more meals that were eaten at this new table, the more colorful the chair cushions became. Something needed to be done. I couldn't wait for someone to hold my hand this time. I had to do it even if it was the hardest thing I had ever done. What's harder than childbirth I ask you? EXACTLY. So I cut out the material...NOT SO BAD. Pulled off the old fabric ... REALLY EASY. Then proceded to ask Brian to help me staple the new fabric onto the chairs...HE IS GOOD AT HOLDING HANDS.. :D

And low and behold.........
It went from this....

to this......

Here is what the table looks like with ALL the chairs done!

Big thanks to my sis and husband who help make my house beautiful!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dodge City

I am forturnate to have married into a family, that is wonderful, but also that has ties to even more great people that reside in a place I've only heard of in the movies. Yep, growing up I watched westerns with the name Wyatt Earp in them.

I'd love to tell you that were related to this "lawman", but were not. Rather Brian is not, The only Wyatt were related to is the spunky, charming 4 year old residing under our roof.

We love going to visit there. I can't say that the drive is this beautiful , amazing experience. I mean its Kansas. No offense. I'm just used the the Rocky Mountains I guess. But the best part of being there is the family that we have there. They are some of the best kind of people you'll ever meet. When I first meet these wonderful people it was like I'd known them my whole life. Thats just who they are. Very accepting and lovable to all.

Easter weekend we were down there for a 50th wedding anniversary for Brian's great Aunt and Uncle. I took some pictures and here is some of the good ones that turned out.





Details at the party!


The guests of Honor.




This is the only granddaughter on both sides. She is so beautiful and so sweet!! She just loved taking pictures!


This is my nephew he is so much fun. Also super sweet! When Wyatt and him get together look OUT!


These are Brian's gorgeous sisters. They are great friends of mine who are near and dear to my heart. I am so blessed to have such great sister-in-laws.


I have to say that something that really impressed me about Brian was the way that he treated his mother. He has such respect for her. While we were dating someone mentioned that how a son treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. Well Brian has been wonderful all these years.


Ok here is one more... Yes we are the braces twins. I am hopefully getting them off next month. But you never know.

What's this Deux Photography you ask? Stay tuned to find out.