Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brian and Celeste


We just hit our 10 year mark in December!!! Its been wonderful. Its amazing after so many years how more in love you become with someone. It seems to me I’ve noticed more things that I love about this man. His smile, the way he makes me laugh, the incredible father that he is, the incredible example he is for our sons. The ROCK of FAITH he beams when my faith seems wavering. The patience he shows me through my insanity. I still get goose bumps when he holds my hand. I’m grateful for the person he is because he always brings out the best in me.

We celebrated this milestone earlier in the year by heading to Glennwood Springs for a weekend. We hit hanging lake, and the hot springs. It was wonderful to just relax and be carefree for 48 hours.

Brian is loving work! We are so blessed to be at such a great practice! He is learning a lot and working with good people.

Me I am trying to keep up with the speed of life. I’m learning to organize and plan so I can take back control and not feel so frazzled. This year will be the year I screw my head on straight. Maybe…. Just kidding!!

I’ve also finished my time with braces. I hope to never have them on again. 2 times is way too many in a lifetime. But I am happy with my smile. And let that be a lesson to you all who have braces on right now. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR RETAINER. I’ll say no more.

I got a new calling right around the time I stopped blogging. Coincindence, I think not! I am the 2nd Cousilor in the Stake Relief Society. I am loving every minute of it. I work with the most incredible ladies. They are women of such grace, beauty and wisdom. I've learned so much and find that I am spoiled by being able to get to know all the sisters of the stake.

I’ve gone out and got hooked on photography. I know who isn’t. But isn’t it magical when you capture a shot or expression that regular cameras miss. Here is my blog that I have started “capturing those moments” for others, celesteaphotography.blogspot.com!! I’ve really enjoyed it so far!

Not to make anyone jealous but I do have the best husband in the world. He got me tickets to the hottest show ... I have a date with Brian and Michael Buble' in March!! I can't wait!

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Reb said...

If you think this makes up for the last 6 months that we have missed hearing your funny whitty self, you are mistaken. You will be forgiven when you start posting 2 times weekly!!!!!