Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Sweet, sweet Rory is the best big brother any younger sibling could have. He loves his brothers. He encourages Wyatt when Wyatt seems unsure and loves playing with him. He loves Greyson and would favor playing with Grey over anything else. He brings such joy to us.


Rory is our BIG FIRST GRADER!! He still loves school and is doing well at it.

Rory has also excelled at the Wii. He’s so good. He kills us at any game we play with him. I guess my brain really did stop improving when I left my 20’s.

Rory is currently without 5 teeth now. Well that’s not true his two lower central incisors are surfacing. But time will tell when the two upper central incisors will see the light of day. But man what a handsome little man he has turned out to be.

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Shelley said...

Love the pictures of the boys, good job!! So cute and wow, 2 in school, thats crazy!