Wednesday, January 06, 2010



What can be said about this little man. This shy little person who has issues dealing with each new situation, couldn’t kick me out of his preschool door fast enough his first day. He loves his preschool. The sweetest lady you will ever meet, I call her the "miracle worker", is teaching it and lucky me she approached me when we first moved into the ward so Wyatt was first on her list for this year.

Wyatt is obsessed with Star Wars! There is only one shirt he favors, and one shirt he will wear and you guessed it deals with Star Wars. He also likes to stuff his pockets with star wars figures (tiny little lego figures). These brave men and creatures have braved the waters of my washer one wash too many times.


I love this kid he has become so random the last couple of months. Kids we haven’t seen for months are being blamed for losing and breaking toys. He is our little story teller. At least he has an imagination right ;)

My Super Wy is going to be the BIG 5 in a couple of months which means this year will be the start of KINDERGARTEN!!! Ahh two in school. I’m so ready for that ;)

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